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Are you looking for a reliable IT company that provides innovative solutions for your digital success? Injaz Soft is the ideal company that meets all your needs in the fields of accounting, banking, cloud computing, text messaging services, WhatsApp messages, website design, and SEO service.

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Some of our projects


Shipping and send Parcel

The parcel shipping system is a system dedicated to the use of parcel shipping companies and sending parcels internationally or locally. The system helps companies to follow up on shipping policies.


Human Resoures

An integrated system of sub-systems that meets the needs of human resources departments in institutions, companies, organizations, factories and government departments with multiple branches that include a number of employees


Enjaz Application

Enjaz applications


Banking System

A banking system serving individual or centrally managed branch banking institutions with access from anywhere in the world,


Assets System

Records and preserves the life cycle of the asset and its movement between departments or employees. Tracks and monitors the asset from the time of its registration, location, inventory, depreciation, and even its exclusion.


Party Contractor system

The system was built specifically to serve facilities for renting tools and providing services.


Power Station System

It is one of the control accounting systems that are indispensable for any electric power generation station, as it serves the management of the facility in calculating the consumption of electric current for subscribers.


Fuel stations system

A financial and inventory system that meets the requirements of gas stations of all sizes and types, through which bulk purchases are verified And retail sale of fuel quantities


Messge System

We are pleased to provide the “ENGAZATIK” messaging system to all local networks at reasonable prices, as we are considered authorized agents for telecommunications companies for messaging service.


Water station system

One of the accounting systems for managing subscriptions for water projects and stations, which serves the facility management in calculating water consumption and following up on the collection of due amounts.


Accounts System

An integrated accounting system that includes accounts, sales, purchases and inventory systems


School System

An integrated administrative and financial system that meets the requirements of private and government schools (primary - secondary) and educational institutions that follow the same management mechanisms for student affairs.

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